Larry Bock

Larry Bock
Sales Director, Hoover & Strong

“Lab Grown Diamonds Are Here!”

Professional Bio

Larry Bock, Sales Director, Hoover & Strong which he joined in 2008. In his 20 years in the jewelry industry, Larry has served as COO of Diamond Deal Corp and Director, Sales and Marketing for R&R Grosbard, Inc. From 1988 – 1996, he worked as a community organizer and lobbyist for Citizen Action and the Long Island Sound Taskforce to protect drinking water supplies and reduce air and water pollution.

Since 2009, Bock has served as a guest lecturer at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s (FIT), Jewelry Design Program, addressing topics such as sustainable jewelry manufacturing, precious metal refining, trends in jewelry fashion, and conflict minerals. His unique blend of experience with jewelry manufacturing and natural resource protection fuels Bock’s passion for eliminating the adverse social and environmental impacts of jewelry production by creating new distribution channels for Fairmined Gold and HARMONY Metals and Gems™, Hoover & Strong’s brand of 100% recycled precious metals
paired with conflict-free diamonds and fair-trade gemstones.